ING launches Augmented Reality ATM Finder on Android

And we made them do it. 8-)

In Dutch its called the ING Wegwijzer. With the app you can find ATMs in the Netherlands. The coolest view is the camera view. You hold the phone in front of you. The Camera ’sees’ what direction you are looking at and on the view screen this image is enhanced with ATM’s that are there. It works in any direction.

With the App all ATM’s are findable. The ING ones have their own logo. Also there is a Map and Satellite view:


Its done with the software from Mobilizy in Austria. They started it all with Wikitude.

It was great getting this off the ground and working with Mobilizy and with ING Bank. I wonder what’s next…

ING sent out a press release with video (in Dutch):

Some more press:

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Android Development Camp Amsterdam Live Stream

Watch the Android Develeopment Camp Amsterdam live recorded stream here. It was a great event, full, inspiring and great networking.

Hear people from Wikitude (at 00:16 and my Fav), PicSsay (at 00:45), Twitli (at @00:57) and ShopSavvy (at 1:27) talk about their apps. Its one big stream, quality is not high but doable. Please skip me set the stream up in the first 10 minutes of the video…

Live TV : Ustream

SPRX initiative, organized together with:
Peter Robinett - @pr1001 - http://www.bubblefoundry.com/
Yuri van Geest - @vangeest - http://yuri.typepad.com/
Martijn Pannevis - @panman - http://martijnpannevis.nl/
Maarten den Braber - @mdbraber - http://maartendenbraber.com/

And thanks to MoMo Amsterdam, T-mobile and Google.

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Fave Andriod App on the G1: Wikitude

I have the G1 now for a week. It is a good phone which is still very new. This means that it doesn’t have the 10.000 apps like the iphone. Yet it already does some amazing things apart from seamless Gmail, Google Calander & Talk integration. The application that I keep going back to is Wikitude.

Wikitude is projects wikipedia location data on your screen on the camera input. You hold the camera level in front of you and see the world through its lens. Wikitude projects wiki data over it. As you turn the phone around you see the different points of interested projected in the screen. It a simple idea but very powerful. Here is the developer demoing their product:

My next tourist guide is in my phone. When I arrive I just hold my phone up and see what’s up, superimposed on the camera image.

It a good start. Its in the same category as Point and Find from Nokia. Here is Scobeizer checking it out. Point and Find works with image recognition instead of looking up data based on a GPS position like Wikitude. Point and Find is a QR-code like application. It scans an image and the get an action from it. Yet it can ’scan’ any image, even your house, and then go to your private website.

Both are examples of combining the real world with the virtual world. It will make the webbrowser based internet look very old.

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