Raimo’s talk at the MWG Congress

Last week I gave a presentation at the MWG Congress in The Netherlands. The topic of the event was Experimentation. Personally I don’t believe in experimentation. In this incredible dynamic market, where there is no status quo anymore, one needs to have clear intentions.. During my presentation I used the metaphor of trying to lift one’s leg.. I asked the audience to try to lift their left leg.. Everybody reacted by lifting there leg.. I explained that they raised there leg and did not TRY to raise their leg.

Trying is nothing. You either do or you don’t!

Below you see the presentation and an interview(in dutch) by Ronnie Overgoor touching the topics of the presentation.

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Contextual Services in Mobile

Yesterday I spoke at the Marketing Pioneers event. It was a great event in a very exciting venue. There was a kind of runway for the speakers. This made it all very lively and intimate. I really enjoyed giving my talk there. Further I met some great people. So Multiscope and @jkivit great job!

Anyway here is my presentation. I talked about what I see happening at the edges of the Mobile Services space.

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