Android Development Camp Amsterdam Live Stream

Watch the Android Develeopment Camp Amsterdam live recorded stream here. It was a great event, full, inspiring and great networking.

Hear people from Wikitude (at 00:16 and my Fav), PicSsay (at 00:45), Twitli (at @00:57) and ShopSavvy (at 1:27) talk about their apps. Its one big stream, quality is not high but doable. Please skip me set the stream up in the first 10 minutes of the video…

Live TV : Ustream

SPRX initiative, organized together with:
Peter Robinett - @pr1001 - http://www.bubblefoundry.com/
Yuri van Geest - @vangeest - http://yuri.typepad.com/
Martijn Pannevis - @panman - http://martijnpannevis.nl/
Maarten den Braber - @mdbraber - http://maartendenbraber.com/

And thanks to MoMo Amsterdam, T-mobile and Google.

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