RT: “SPRX, Zcapes and the passion for mobile”

A good e-mail interview was published at the Dutchcowboys weblog on Febuary 6 2009 by Henk de Hooge. This is the translation.

SPRX, Zcapes and the passion for mobile

Everybody knows them by now, Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, Raimo van der Klein and Claire Boonstra. They are the founders of MoMo Amsterdam, one of the most successful Mobile Mondays worldwide. And set up their company SPRXmobile in the streamline and recently initiated a new start-up Zcapes.

Enough reasons to ask some questions to one of the most passionate people I know, one of the first bloggers at Dutchcowboys, @dutchcowboy on Twitter and a lot more. But also someone who saw the other side of life when last year was diagnosed with cancer. An e-mail interview with Maarten Lens-FitzGerald.

What made you start MoMo?


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Amsterdam Bike Route Planner Coming to the iPhone

I am a cyclist and live in Amsterdam. Although I know my way around I still sometimes want to know if there is a better route of just see what the distance is. And as a cyclist i cant do that well on TomTom or a web route planner. Those are for cars.

Until Routecraft that is. Ever since they came online I use it. It’s a sweet web app with smart features which not just gives you the route but also the amount of tree’s that you save while cycling.

And now they will launch their Iphone app on December 12th. I’ll download it!

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