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We are specialised in designing mobile services. Our approach is to design services around the personal context of people. Adding value to specific situations. Designing services from the personal context viewpoint is crucial in mobile. We believe that clear definitions on usecases, service triggers and context can take up more than half the time of the development process.

Context Domains:

  • Activitybased context: What are you doing?
  • Social context: With whom are you?
  • Spatio-Temporal context: Where are you? What time is it?
  • Physiological context: Heartrate, movement, temparature
  • Environmental context: In what environment are you?
  • Mental context: How are you feeling?
  • Virtual context: What is happening with you in the virtual space?
  • Me context: Who are you?


We have defined three groups of services that are associated with the development of succesful mobile services.


SPRXmobile supports you by opening up your view for mobile opportunities. We do this by organising workshops, events and roadtrips where we submerse you in the highly dynamic world of mobile. During these sessions we bring inspiration and guidance for the further development of your own solid mobile strategy.


Developing services for mobile is different than designing services for the use behind laptops and PC’s. With mobile it is not just behaviour in the virtual space(clicks) that needs to be designed it is also the behaviour in the physical space that needs to be taken into account. We are specialised in Service Design and Interaction Design. Making services that are designed around relevance and context.

Further, developing a mobile service in a constant changing environment is a challenge. Platform choices, technological disruptions, distribution challenges, convergence and fragmentation are but a few areas in which clear decisions need to be made. Our experience and network will help you make the correct decisions in this complex mobile ecosystem.


A mobile phone is an excellent vehicle to uphold relationships with your customers. It is a personal device and you always carry it with you. Next to that mobile devices have a natural way of being more receptable for pull based marketing approach(VRM) rather than a push based marketing approach. It is the customer that requests for interaction. It is the customer that decides when the situation arrived that your service is relevant. Being there at the right moment, time, place and situation is crucial for success. Contextual segmentation, distribution, marketing and advertising are often underlit elements in getting mobile services to be used.

We are Mobile Service Architects.

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