Marc Andreessen Video Interview: He knows his Stuff

This is a hour long video where Marc Andreessen gives his take on everything concerning IT, Mobile, cloud computing, social networks and more. He has a great view of what makes the valley and other industries tick and who is doing well and why. He doesn’t seems to up to speed on mobile yet but that will come.

Marc wrote the original code for Mosaic which ended up in Internet Explorer and also started Netscape which now turned into Firefox. He can take credit for both.. In 1999 he started Loudcloud (rebranded into Opsware) which was one of the first cloud computing enterprises. He is also founder of Ning and is on the board of Facebook and ebay among others. And he is an early investor in Twitter and Qik (hmmm maybe he does get Mobile just didnt say in the interview?). He now also started his own VC fund.

Here is the transcript.

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RT: “SPRX, Zcapes and the passion for mobile”

A good e-mail interview was published at the Dutchcowboys weblog on Febuary 6 2009 by Henk de Hooge. This is the translation.

SPRX, Zcapes and the passion for mobile

Everybody knows them by now, Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, Raimo van der Klein and Claire Boonstra. They are the founders of MoMo Amsterdam, one of the most successful Mobile Mondays worldwide. And set up their company SPRXmobile in the streamline and recently initiated a new start-up Zcapes.

Enough reasons to ask some questions to one of the most passionate people I know, one of the first bloggers at Dutchcowboys, @dutchcowboy on Twitter and a lot more. But also someone who saw the other side of life when last year was diagnosed with cancer. An e-mail interview with Maarten Lens-FitzGerald.

What made you start MoMo?


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Lawrence Lessig on The Colbert Report

From EFF’s Tim Jones:

Last night, Lawrence Lessig, a close ally and former board member of EFF, chatted with Stephen Colbert about Lessig’s new book Remix, and how America’s broken copyright laws are criminalizing our kids:

Colbert: You say our copyright laws are turning our kids into criminals, because they’re keeping kids from doing all the remixing they want of pre-existing art and copywritten material, right?

Isn’t that like saying that arson laws are turning our kids into pyromaniacs?? They’re breaking the law! You can’t just throw the law out the window!

Lessig: “Totally failed war.” Is that familiar to you?

Colbert: No. No. You’re saying we need a surge?

Lessig: We tried the surge. For ten years we’ve been waging this war. Artists have not gotten any more money, businesses have not gotten any more profit, and our kids have been turned into criminals.

The whole thing is great - watch it!

Colbert also makes his personal stance on remix culture clear:

Colbert: Nobody should take my work and do anything with it that is not approved! Ever ever never ever take anything of mine and remix it! For instance, I will be very angry and possibly litigious if anyone out there takes this interview right here and remixes it with some great dance beat. And it starts showing up in clubs across America.

Lessig: Actually, we’re joint copyright owners. I’m ok with that. You can totally remix this. I’m fine with that.

And Mobile will help break this old copyright system. By recording, sharing and remixing everything you want… You will add value.

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Interactive Grave Visits with QR-codes

Just scan the QR-code on the grave stone and see the profile of the person, including pictures, video and who else visited the grave recently. It sounds weird but is it? They do it in Japan already:

SPRXmobile is doing a national campaign in the Netherlands with the Governamental Food Authority (Voedingscentrum) including a billboard campaign with QR code and believes in 2009 QR-codes will take off.

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